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It’s really important to us at Two Adoptive Mamas that we dive into different stories, perspectives, and experiences in hopes that we’ll meet our community of listeners where they’re at.  Dr. Taylor Whittington brings the adoptee perspective to this conversation, sharing her personal story of adoption and how as an adult and mental health advocate she is passionate about the dialogue among today’s adult adoptees.

While Taylor’s experience may not mirror that of others, her story and perspective are thought-provoking as we think about raising the next generation of adoptees, providing opportunities for support, and continuing to serve as resources to one another.

At Two Adoptive Mamas, we are grateful for the insight and wisdom of those in our community. We’re here to talk about it. We believe that in order to be the best mamas we can be for our kids, it’s crucial to learn from one another and lean into each other so we can embrace and thrive within the plan God has for our families.  

We are so grateful to Dr. Taylor Whittington for sharing her story with us; we know you’ll enjoy it too!

Episode Resources:

Pear the Adopted Bear, by Dr. Taylor Whittington

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