The Main Thing:

As parents, sometimes there is nothing as comforting as hearing from someone who has been in your shoes, is walking a similar journey, and is willing to share insight from their own experience.

For Episode 054 we’re sitting down with adoptive mom, Taylor Johnson. When they adopted their son through the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, they had lots of questions and sought out the support offered by the network. Together their family has navigated the needs of their son, but most of all embraced the love and joy he brings to their family.

Taylor’s steadiness and humble confidence are refreshing as she shares their family’s path to working with NDSAN and how they’ve continued to be active in the support and resources/education offered by their local support group.  Whether you’re pursuing adoption, considering a partnership with NDSAN, or seeking to better support a family in your community touched by Down Syndrome, this episode is for you! 

Episode Resources:

For the NDSAN Parent Group Listing, Click HERE.

The National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) has an entire library of webinars – a one-stop resource for educating adoptive families on all the topics. Click HERE to access it!

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