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There’s nothing like a good book! But what about when you’re looking for one to help tell your family’s story, and you just can’t seem to find the right narrative? Adoption is beautiful, messy, hard, complicated — difficult to put into an appropriate amount of pages that won’t take days to read.  But we’re in luck! For Episode 071 we’re hanging out with Allison Olson. She’s an adoptee, adoptive mom, and now the author of the children’s book, Surrounded By Love: An Open Adoption Story.

During our time together we had the privilege of learning more about her connection to the adoption community and how that not only inspired her book but the narrative she wants to help facilitate for so many families. She’s fun, real, encouraging, and just the kind of friend you’d want to add to your book club!

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Get your copy of Surrounded By Love  HERE.  For more with Allison, you can follow her on Instagram [@kidsbooksbyallisonolson].

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