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We first welcomed Chelsea Sobolik during Season 2 to talk about her work in advocating for families at our nation’s capital. Her personal story of adoption, journey to international adoption with her husband, and her professional work allow Chelsea to share one-of-a-kind insight. During our conversation Chelsea addresses high-level matters in a way that meets us in our day-to-day and reminds us there is a role for everyone to play. She’s sharing some recent personal highlights, a book update, and joins us as we take a closer look at advocacy, policy, and what it means to live in a post Roe v. Wade world. Her compassion, faith in Jesus, and commitment to caring for families is unmatched, and we’re so grateful to have her joining us for another episode!

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We love Chelsea’s book, Longing for Motherhood. Check it out on our 2 Adoptive Mamas favorite book list!

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