The Main Thing:

Tracy always had a heart for orphans, so when their family learned of the opportunity to host international orphans in hopes of helping them to find a forever family stateside, they were all-in. After a few opportunities, the Scoggins family hosted a young boy from Ukraine and he immediately stole Tracy’s heart. With a heart for adoption, she was hopeful that her family might also feel the special connection.  Sadly, the young boy returned to his home, and Tracy was left with an impossible feeling of emptiness.

But God.

Join us for Episode 057 to hear Tracy’s story of trust, faith, and perseverance. It’s a story only God could write for a family willing to follow the call. We’re so grateful for our time with Tracy and we know her story will be an encouragement to all who listen!

Episode Resources:

Adoption Through the Rearview Mirror by Karen Springs

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