The Main Thing:

We’re taking a moment (Mama-minisode 045) to reflect this week, as mamas, on recent global events. It’s heavy, it’s controversial, and we’re not looking to take any type of stance or suggest how you should conduct your day-to-day.

We are, however, offering some resources that we have found to be very helpful in evaluating what is happening, through a biblical lens, and what it looks like to navigate this in our homes from this corner of the world.

We’ve linked all the resources shared in this episode in our show notes, so if you might find these helpful, you can find them there.

We’re in this together, mamas. Hard IS hard, but even we would admit that recent weeks have added some pretty substantial heartache for many across the globe.

Please continue to join us in prayer, specifically for the moms across the globe, who are facing their hard and still have to show up and “mom” every day.

Episode Resources:

Christian Alliance for Orphans: Windows into the Invasion of Ukraine

The Gospel Coalition: How to Talk to Kids About the War in Ukraine

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