The Main Thing:

From day one it’s been a priority at Two Adoptive Mamas to magnify important conversations that need to be happening in the foster and adoption world. More importantly, it is crucial to discuss these topics while embracing each part of the adoption triad.

For Episode 051 we’re sitting down with Eleanor and Marlene to take a deeper dive into navigating open adoption. Capturing both the adoptive mom and birth mom’s perspectives in this episode, we’re removing the titles and making way for what really matters when it comes to loving our children.

We laughed, cried, and found a lot of common ground during our minutes together. While you can’t see it as a listener, we had the privilege of watching Eleanor and Marlene sit side by side and share their respect, love, and commitment to family. 

This is one of those episodes that stopped us in our tracks. While you may have to adjust or rewind a few times to catch all the audio, we promise it’s worth it. We’ll treasure this conversation forever.

Episode Resources:

Catch our conversation with Eleanor from Season 1 on the adoption triad HERE.

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