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We like to dive deeper into the conversations that need to happen, but aren’t happening enough — and Episode 046 is just that. Megan Boudreaux is an author, advocate, adoptive mama, and founder of Respire Haiti. Her message has challenged the thoughts of many, but the truth, love, and passion behind her family’s mission are nothing short of incredible.

We were thrilled to sit down with Megan to hear just a snippet of her decade-long journey that is helping bring restoration to brokenness and truth to how we can actually care for orphans globally.

It’s always our goal to keep these episodes between 30-40 minutes because we know as moms, even that can be difficult to carve out in our day. The truth is, we could have talked to Megan for hours – and then some! We hope you love this episode just as much as we do! Megan is a treasure and a gift to have at the helm of such important work happening Haiti. Enjoy! 

Episode Resources:

Respire Haiti Website:

Instagram: @meganinhaiti

Megan’s Book: Miracle on Voodoo Mountain 

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