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There’s so much preparation and support that happens pre-placement. But what about after a child finds their forever family? Or after a foster family welcomes a child into their home? What about continued support and resources — do they exist? They DO! But we don’t talk about it enough.

Sheryl Bernot is an adoptee, adoptive mom, and now works with a foster care and adoption agency. We’re starting the conversation in Episode 033 on the importance and necessity of post-permanency services in all seasons – calm and challenging! We believe strong families raise thriving adoptees, and it takes a village to do it. Join us to learn more about how you can find the support and resources that just might make all the difference!

Episode Resources:

Looking for post-permanency services in your area? Contact your foster care or adoption agency and ask what’s available in your area.

We also recommend visiting, a great resource through Show Hope that offers guidance on pre and post-permanency services!

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