The Main Thing:

Cindy LaJoy is one of the most passionate, real, and encouraging moms you’ll meet. She has an immense heart for adoption and you name it, she’s walked it with her awesome crew. She joined us for Episode 032 to take a closer look at Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). We’ll start with the basics and then take a deep dive into how RAD touches each part of the adoption triad and how you too can thrive through the seemingly impossible. We’re so grateful for Cindy’s transparency and the bright light that her family’s story brings to the darkness that is Reactive Attachment Disorder. Maybe you suspect RAD, maybe you have a confirmed diagnosis in your family, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before — no matter where you are in your adoption or foster journey, there’s something here for you!

Episode Resources:

Has your family been impacted by Reactive Attachment Disorder? Do you have a favorite go-to resource you’d be willing to share? We would love to grow our resource page with options specific to this need. E-mail us at Together we can grow a network of resources in a space where there is still little to share!

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