The Main Thing:

Trisha Priebe joined us for Episode 012 from her seat as the Director of Communications at Lifesong for Orphans. Well, she’s BACK for Episode 036 and we could not be more thrilled!

As an adoptee, adoptive mom, and adoption advocate, Trisha lives, breathes, and embraces all things adoption. Her heart for the Lord, transparency in sharing her own personal journey, and her mission to help adoptees feel whole in who they are and the calling on their life is simply unmatched. It was a delight to dive deep into the trenches with Trisha and unpack some of the hidden conversations that we tend to tuck away. We were inspired and challenged by our time together, and hope you are too!

Episode Resources:

Trisha shared about the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum in this episode – check it out HERE!

Did you know Lifesong for Orphans provides financial support and post-adoption services to adoptive families? Check out these opportunities and more at

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