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We are still on break, like so many of you, for this holiday season. We are cherishing this extended time with family and friends to rest and grow. We’re excited to be back next week with all new episodes!

Check out the shownotes from our amazing episode with Show Hope from Season 2. We’ll see you with all new episodes next week!

For decades Show Hope has shown up for families pre and post adoption. Founded in 2003 by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman, Show Hope continues to be a light for families in the trenches of adoption. With a mission to engage the Church and eliminate barriers for those committing to the adoption process to grow their families, Show Hope has continued to expand opportunities for support. Most recently, their Medical Aid Grant program is helping families navigate a child’s medical needs after adoption finalization takes place.

We were thrilled when founder, Mary Beth Chapman, and Show Hope’s Executive Director, Emily Chapman Richards, agreed to join us on the podcast to discuss the new Medical Aid Grant program and the incredible work of Show Hope in the lives of adoptive families. It was an honor and privilege to share the mic with two women of incredible faith and passion for adoption. We’re so excited to share this conversation with you!

Episode Resources:
Mary Beth and Emily shared some great resources – check them out below!
Show Hope

We always like to ask our guests what they’re currently reading – adoption related, or not! If you’re looking for your next read, you might consider these from Mary Beth & Emily:

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
Companions in the Darkness by Diana Gruver
The Testament by John Grisham

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