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We’re in the holiday season and 2 Adoptive Mamas is taking a break this week to spend extra time with family and friends. We’ve pulled one of our most downloaded episodes from Season 3 for this week with the one and only Jamie Finn. Merry Christmas!!

Take a look at our shownotes from the original published episode:

“To those who follow her, she’s a constant resource, encouragement, and much-needed dose of reality when navigating the ups and downs of foster care. Her heart for the Lord, care for vulnerable children, and desire to keep educating and supporting adoptive and foster families are unmatched.

For Episode 050 of the Two Adoptive Mama’s Podcast, we’re sitting down with Jamie Finn from Foster the Family to talk about love and loss. She’s sharing her family’s story, her work with Foster the Family, and more about authoring her very first book. Together our conversation spanned a variety of topics that together make up the complicated, challenging, yet necessary components of stepping into foster care. Whether you’re considering foster care or find yourself in the “thick of it,” Jamie’s words will meet you right where you’re at. We so enjoyed our time together, and know this episode will be an encouragement to you!”

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Read more in Jamie’s book, Foster the Family

Check out Jamie’s blog and many more resources HERE.

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