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It’s par for the course of adoption to have unknowns. Add on top of that international travel, and that adds a layer. But then there was the addition of a global pandemic — and all bets were off. Our hearts ache for the children and their forever families that still await placement because of the restrictions over the last two years. Adoption has always been complicated — but this has been uncharted territory.

Thankfully, adoptive moms like Brigitta Canfield are willing to share their stories, encourage others, and relay a reminder that we were never in control in the first place — God is.   Brigitta joined us for Episode 066 of the Two Adoptive Mamas podcast to share her family’s journey to adopting internationally amidst the pandemic. Her perspective of God’s work and trust in His plan throughout the entire process is refreshing and we know it will be inspiring to others. 

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