The Main Thing:

100 Episodes!! And how are we celebrating? With our first-ever live panel and live audience recording in partnership with COBY’s Family Services! We had too much fun with Eleanor, Michelle, Rosie and Holly. Some of these names might seem familiar in the 2AM community, and that’s because they are! We welcomed back some of our fan favorites to take a deep dive into meaningful community — how to define it, how to build it, and why it matters. We hope you enjoy this conversation (and some of the laughs in between). It has been our sincere privilege to bring this community each episode over the years. We’re so grateful that you’re here with us! Happy 100 — Enjoy!

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For more with Elanor, Michelle, and Rosie, click HERE to view their previous episodes on the show.

If you’re local and looking for a good place to start for post perm resources and family support, check out COBYS HERE.

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