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Episode 077 is one that we could listen to over and over again. Ashley Mitchell is one of a kind. She’s brought her heart, passion, and determination to tackle the tough stuff for this conversation and we’re so thankful for it. Ashley is a birth mom, bio mom, wife, advocate, and so much more. Her story brings light to the parts of adoption that make us uncomfortable, and that’s precisely why we invited her to be on the show.

Take in her words, let this conversation settle in your soul, and allow it to challenge your thinking and what it means for you in your own foster or adoption journey. There is a lot of tough stuff to tackle, but Ashley takes the high-level complexities and brings it to a place where we can sit in the muck together with hope for the future and the children who we love so much.

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Post-placement care for birth moms is essential, yet not universally accessible. Visit for information and resources designed for birth moms on their journey of trauma and healing.

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