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We’re back! With Part 2 of our Parenting Teens mini-series with Abby Keiser from COBYS Family Services. This week we’re taking a closer look at what it means to help a teen find their voice and how to effectively facilitate this in your home.  Once again Abby starts with the basics and then takes us deeper to help with the day-to-day application of coming alongside our teens in this journey. 

Whether your family is impacted by foster care or adoption, the teen years can be challenging but so, so transformative. Abby reminds us of the privilege we have to step into the mess with our teens, lean into our faith, and provide the space and opportunity these children need to find security and the courage to thrive.

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COBYS has access to cutting-edge training and programming to equip teens to “look after their emotional well-being” — it’s called the “Blues Program,” and you’ve got to check it out! Click HERE to learn more.

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