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Do you remember Allison? Better yet, do you remember Wanda the Owl? We’re so thrilled to welcome Allison Olson back for Episode 99 of the Two Adoptive Mamas Podcast. Allison won all of our hearts with her first book “Surrounded by Love: An Open Adoption Story,” and now she’s raising the bar with her second — “My Friend’s Adoption.” During our time together we’re talking about the conversation starters that are flowing out of this book, and how it’s equipping our children and those they care about most to embrace their story of finding their forever family and honoring their birth family.  You’ll be clicking “Buy” half way through this episode so you can add this book to your collection, we’re sure of it!

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For more with Allison, you can find her on Instagram @kidsbooksbyallisonolson.

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