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So you’re in the process of adopting, you’re thinking about beginning the journey, or you’ve been matched and you’re wondering how it’s all going to happen, right?! And when we say how it’s all going to happen, we don’t mean the travel or even the parenting — we mean the mountain of financial responsibility that stands between you and bringing that precious child home. It’s a real stressor and it’s a legitimate hurdle! We have been there and done that, and so we’re bringing you the very best of our experience and insight on how to balance the reality of the need and the trust we have in our Heavenly Father who will provide ALL we need.

Join Liz and our special guest — her husband Dan, for Episode 064 of The Two Adoptive  Mamas podcast. We’re hoping this leaves you encouraged, inspired, and a little more hopeful that it is possible to cross that financial finish line!

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