There is not a shortage of incredible resources available at our fingertips when it comes to foster and adoptive care. In fact, it can be overwhelming how much is available. What should we read first? What do we implement in our homes? How do we find the words to explain adoption or foster care to our sweet kiddos?

We’ve started a modest list of some favorites (available on on our website). We have these books in our homes. We’ve not only read them, but at times poured over the words as we prepare our hearts, or walk through a season, or try to prepare for the next.

If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you’ll remember Rosie Mann from Episode 002, In the Trenches with Trauma. Rosie was kind enough to share with us her resource list, many of which we have included in our own. For more from Rosie and Forged in Fire, click here.

Our best advice? Keep reading. You won’t get to all of the books on this list — well, at least not today — but maybe eventually. We’ve provided a quick review of each and a link to purchase. (Bonus points for using the link on our website – it’s an affiliate with Amazon and helps us keep things going at Two Adoptive Mamas – thanks!) We hope our quick thoughts might help you pick the next addition to your library (or your kiddos).

One thing we can promise is that we’re going to keep reading too. And then we’re going to talk about it at Two Adoptive Mamas – how to implement, the pros/cons, the realities of living this privileged life as adoptive mamas. While sometimes we might feel alone in this journey, we want to build community with you and through this space. A book in our hands that tells the story of someone who has been there might be the encouragement we need to keep going. Something you soak up in a book might be the words of encouragement that a mama in your world needs to hear – and you’ll be ready to share.

Keep reading mamas. And remember, you’ve got this.