The Main Thing:

If you look up “super dad” in the dictionary, you’ll see Peter Mutabazi’s name as part of the definition.  We can assure you you’ve never heard a story like his (at least we hadn’t!) and that he is one you’ll never forget.

For Episode 061 Peter joins us to share his personal story of becoming known and his life’s mission to make the children in his home also known.  Peter is actively stepping into the trenches with children who desperately need stability, love, and a place to call home. His desire to love, serve and equip them for as long as he can is such an encouragement to those also facing the challenges of the foster care system.

Peter’s story is the definition of “beauty in brokenness.” We hope you’re as touched as we were by this episode. Enjoy!

Episode Resources:

Peter wrote a book! Check out Now I Am Known and get your copy today! We can’t wait to read it.

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