I guess it’s kind of fitting that in the midst of penning these words I have dinner on the stove, a toddler painting with watercolors at the kitchen island, and a husband finishing up day 897 (exaggerated I know) of work-from-home.

Weeks ago as we planned out our Two Adoptive Mamas content for the months ahead, we decided this week’s addition to the blog would reflect on “making memories in the mayhem” — a concept that Michelle Campbell introduced to us in Episode 005. Michelle gave great examples of how they have incorporated this motto into meeting the needs of their family, especially on days with medical appointments. I struggled to think about how we have done this as a family (2021 goals!) — and then I thought — isn’t this what we’ve been doing for the last 10 months?!

You know what happened, but just to recap for a moment — work, school, church, social engagements, coffee dates, REAL dates (that require a babysitter – whoa!), vacations, seeing family and friends — it all became “virtual” or in my opinion, virtually impossible. And let’s talk about the doctors visits – whether routine or not so much – they became 1,000 X more challenging. Ugh. The last 10 months have taken the wind right out of our sails. I remember laying in bed one night thinking, I’m a mom of a two year old, I’m going to have to figure out how to make this fun. I’ve got to make this memorable for as long as it’s our reality. So there you have it – memories in the mayhem.

As I think about Michelle’s challenge and encouragement to us in Episode 005, I couldn’t help but think of a video clip that brings me tears every time I watch it (seriously, every time). Have you seen this? It challenges me in the moments that I feel less than joyful about what might be before us, scared at the “what ifs” of this earthly life, and bound by expectations that I put on myself to make it all okay.

Wherever you find yourself in this season, whatever mountain you may be facing, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. But we have today. So eat the cake off the floor (watch the video – it’ll make a lot more sense). Make memories in the mayhem, mama.