The Main Thing:

Mary has spent her entire adult life searching for her roots. She persevered through many obstacles in hopes of meeting her birth mother, only to find out it was too late. With an unimaginable ending to her search, she has discovered a newfound strength, which has led to sharing her story with the masses. Mary hopes to touch the lives of other adoptees who may be considering a reunification process of their own.

It was a privilege to have Mary join us for Episode 037 of the Two Adoptive Mamas podcast. Her story, courage, and mission to inspire others as they walk their own journey is a perspective from the adoption triad that we’re exploring more and more! There’s so much we can learn from Mary and her journey. We are grateful for her willingness to share and know you will be too!

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Guess what?! Mary is writing a book! Follow her on Instagram at @becauseadoption for more of her content and to keep tabs on her book release!

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