The Main Thing:

Is it a sensory processing disorder? Or sensory integration? How can we help our children thrive amidst some of the challenging diagnoses they may face? What is the good news about how God has uniquely designed our brains to build new pathways to success? And what does this mean for my child’s occupational therapy needs?

Guess what? Crista Bush is answering all these questions and more in Episode 038. After serving for years as a pediatric Occupational Therapist and now as a teacher, Crista is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement as an advocate for helping children thrive amidst whatever challenges they may face. You’ll find a lot of heart in this episode as Crista unpacks the science behind what we’re seeing with our children and the reality of what we can do to help equip them and build the skills and confidence to overcome. 

Episode Resources:

There are so many great educational references and resources that we can learn from! Crista shared a few with us:

Check out the American Occupational Therapy Association on the web at

You might be surprised to know that autism communities often have helpful resources for learning about sensory needs. Looking for some solid references, education, and practical age-appropriate activities? Click HERE.

With the goal of self-regulation in mind, you might want to check out this awesome program, “How Does Your Engine Run” developed by two occupational therapists!  There is also a book available, which is available HERE.  

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