It’s hard to believe we have been “live” for one month. In some respects, it seems like a lot longer because we worked hard to get to December 1. It’s not about the numbers, but pretty incredible to see how many of you have tuned in to listen and subscribed or interacted with us via social media in our first 30 days. What a gift it has been to see this community come to life – thank you.

If you could see behind the scenes, you’d likely get a good laugh! We record in Sarah’s basement – a room which was once a fully furnished guest room now turned into a home office (thanks 2020) and recording studio. One morning a week we get together with two of the kiddos and attempt to drink coffee, talk about what needs to be accomplished before the next drop date, and script an episode outline – all while fulfilling requests for more juice, the potty, and reminding the little people they need to share. It’s a scene and coffee is reheated no less than two times! 

However, something special happens when we sit down one night a week with a cup of decaf, the little people are in bed (thanks husbands!), and we record. It’s like the weight of the day, the thankfulness in our hearts, and the peace that comes with being able to focus on one thing at a time allows us to recharge for the journey ahead. We’re reminded why we’re doing this, where God has us, and inspired by getting to do this with all of you.

We have so many ideas for Two Adoptive Mamas, but we’re setting manageable goals so we can bring you quality and meaningful content. As we look beyond 2020 (with tired eyes!) and embrace what is ahead in 2021 (with hope!), we wanted to share where we’re headed.

But first, some of you have asked, others may be wondering, or maybe it never crossed your mind (and that’s okay)! How will we keep this all going? Patreon. We have a Patreon site and one of the realistic components of 2021 is that we need patrons. Patreon allows us to showcase patron perks, accept payment from monthly supporters, and make sure we can keep all of our platforms running.

Here’s the deal – our podcast and blog content is available to ALL. No patron participation required. However, if you feel led and are interested in helping us continue to build Two Adoptive Mamas, we have created a tiered structure (with exclusive patron benefits) just for that reason. It’s linked here. Our goal for 2021 is to have 20 “Let’s Get Coffee” patrons. Check out the site and you’ll see what we mean — and we hope that in 2021 we can actually get coffee together too!

Our 2021 Commitment to Two Adoptive Mamas

→  Bring you amazing episodes and blog posts that are helpful in navigating the day-to-day.

What this looks like: we will release an episode OR blog post to you every Tuesday! 

→ Stay educated and in the know. We speak from the heart and from our experiences, but we are not all knowing. 

What this looks like: We are going to keep reading, keep listening, keep inviting experts to be part of the show, keep diving into training, and keep seeking other resources that we can share with you.

→ Create community. Mama-to-mama we want you to be confident in sharing shadow feelings, asking questions, sharing resources and building strong bridges with your village.

What this looks like: In addition to our podcast and blog content, we invite you to subscribe to our e-mail list. We’ll be sharing updates and plans as we launch different components of our community (ie: private Facebook group, printed resources, and opportunities to take part in the content we’re creating). Everything we do at Two Adoptive Mamas comes back to the goal of creating community.

→ Make connections and partner with agencies and other orphan care advocates.

What this looks like: We are passionate about sharing, equipping, and expanding our community. Already in 2021 you’re going to find us partnering with local agencies and adoptive/foster mom groups – we’re so excited!

There you have it – where we are and where we’re headed! We’re beyond grateful for your support over the last month and look forward to growing with you in the year ahead.

Questions or thoughts? E-mail us: Can’t wait to hear from you!

Liz & Sarah