The Main Thing:

Erin Staudenbaur is one of the most compassionate, tender-hearted people you’ll meet. As an adoptive and foster mom, she has a unique story to share of how they built their family amidst a passionate commitment to care for vulnerable children.

We’re so thankful for Erin’s willingness to join us for this episode to reveal more about the challenges and blessings of foster care and adoption. She explains her perspective of the “Savior complex,” how she’s navigating the ups, downs, and unknowns of stepping into hard situations, and how she’s leaning into her faith to thrive through it all!

Part of our mission at Two Adoptive Mamas is to initiate conversations with mamas who are in the trenches. Erin is one of those moms, and we’re grateful to be able to share her story with the hope that it encourages you wherever you are in your journey.

*We try to deliver the highest quality episode each week, but sometimes audio can be a challenge depending on a number of factors to consider when producing a podcast. We apologize for some of the feedback in this episode, and hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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