“I’m an adoptive mama.” I’ll never forget when Liz said those words during her interview process. My heart took a leap! Wait…this means she is going to get it. She gets it. She gets IT.

Liz started with our team in June of that year. It was an incredibly busy season in our department as we navigated a ton of transition and new additions to our team, so our interactions were brief at the start.

Then one day in mid-July, my husband and I got the call. I was sitting in my office and the agency called us. The birth family had picked us. US! I remember telling Liz and I remember the immediate comfort, support, and prayer that she and Dan offered. She came to the office the next day with a gift card to Target. We barely knew each other, but her gesture and tangible support meant so much. And so it began…

A professional collaboration that started in higher education and would lead to a beautiful friendship, a fierce connection in mama-hood, and eventually the creation of 2 Adoptive Mamas.

Life has changed drastically in the best of ways (and some more challenging) since we met in 2018. As we both intentionally stepped away from higher education (unintentionally in the same season), there were many cups of coffee and play dates to follow where we discussed what was next. How could we best care for our families with this new found sense of flexibility? What did we desire to accomplish professionally? 

While we find ourselves in a new season, one thing hasn’t changed. The occasional (and sometimes daily) exchange of texts that usually include the phrase, “You’ve got this mama.” Let’s face it, “momming” is a daily sacrifice, a precious joy, and a balancing act on a whole new level. Adoptive, foster, biological — whatever the case, it’s crucial to have your village and it’s vital to keep encouraging one another, and we’re here for it!

We hope you’ll join us by tuning into the 2 Adoptive Mamas podcast; you can expect a regular corresponding blog post that will take an even deeper dive into something covered on air. I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to point you to twoadoptivemamas.com where you can find access to a list of resources (coming soon!) and a variety of opportunities to be part of our community.

You’ve got this mama –