The Main Thing:

These stories are hard to share. They open wounds, challenge our faith, and test our hearts. There is nothing simple, easy, or brief when it comes to adoption and foster care. There is beauty and brokenness —- healing and grief —- and together we hold it all with the hopes that we can remain centered on one thing. Our heart for Him and our love for them. The children who need us most, and the stories that brought us together. The opportunity to reunify families, and the sacrifice and commitment it takes to make it happen. These stories are hard to share.

You might recognize Melinda from Season 2. She shared her heart and her family’s experience as they welcomed their first foster placement — a baby girl. For Episode 074 we have the honor and privilege of welcoming back Melinda along with Lindy. Together they have navigated difficult waters to be in a place where they can stand united in their love for a little girl who brought their families together. They’re opening their hearts and sharing their story of reunification and openness in foster care. It’s with humility and sincere gratitude that we share their story with you!

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