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The dads are back! We’re thrilled to share this fun conversation for Episode 084 with Chris Telesco — you may remember his better half, Melissa, who joined us for Season 3 to share about their roller coaster ride to becoming a family of 6. Chris is so down to earth and gets real with the dads when it comes to navigating the unexpected of adoptive fatherhood. He’s sharing the ups and downs of 3 very unique adoptive situations and how he combatted the feelings of inadequacy and replaced it with a strong desire to love his children and make sure they knew the love of Jesus.

It goes without saying that together, Chris and Melissa are a few steps ahead of our families, and they’re someone we look up to and continue to learn from as they share their hearts. Grab your other half and first listen to Episode 060 and then listen to the Dadcast with Chris, Dan & Drew — they’re just the best!

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