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There are some people in our world doing some pretty amazing things for the children from hard places in our community. Mike Shapiro is one of those people. Mike is the Executive Director of The Swappow PLUS Foundation, a nonprofit that connects with foster youth through skateboarding. Yes, you heard right, skateboarding. Their mission is to change the trajectory of extraordinary youth through skateboarding. The lessons about life and faith that are learned through this experience are astounding and not only applicable to the youth, but to adults as well.

We’re thrilled to have Mike share his story of faith and perseverance in beginning this work and finding a way to connect his interests and passions and serving the needs of foster youth in his community. Listen to be encouraged and empowered on how you can do the same.

Episode Resources:

Check out the Swappow PLUS Foundation HERE.

To learn more about foster care in the US, you can start HERE. Remember there are specific state requirements and details, so check your state government for more information.

To find the 2 Adoptive Mamas book list, look HERE.

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