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Attachment is a buzz-word in the adoption and foster care community. Recent research and conversation has brought this important theory to the forefront. If you’ve been walking the adoptive and foster journey for a while, chances are you’ve heard a lot about the four different attachment styles and why childhood experiences are important to learn. But how do you fit it into your day to day?

Parenting with an attachment-based approach takes practice and dedication. It’s a perspective shift. And it’s life-changing. Dr. Lark Eshleman is an expert in attachment trauma and helping parents better understand this perspective shift. Whether you are new to the adoption and foster care world or a seasoned parent with an older adoptee, this episode has refreshing insight and meaningful reminders on the significance of relationship and connection.

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Dr. Lark has resources on her website, check it out HERE.

We talk about Dr. Karyn Purvis and TBRI on this show, we’re big fans.
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We have some attachment based books in our resource library, which you can find HERE.

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