The Main Thing:
Episode 022 provided an opportunity for us to connect with Erin Bouchard. She’s a mama with a really special story touched by foster care and adoption and is passionate about resourcing parents in the trenches.

Erin joined us to talk about kinship adoption, trauma-informed parenting, and how to seek out resources in our communities so we are supported and equipped!

Episode Resources:
Erin shared so much goodness with us in Episode 022 — and we have more here for you too!

You can find Erin at where you can check out her blog AND consider joining her FREE course titled, “5 Days to Less Unwanted Behaviors.”
It launches THIS WEEK (don’t worry, there will be more sessions too)!

Check it out HERE.

You can also find Erin on Instagram @raisingourfabtribe or on Facebook.

Erin’s book recommendations include:
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
What Happened to You? by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey
The Connected Child by Karen Purvis (a 2 Adoptive Mamas favorite!)

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