The Main Thing:

Can you believe it?! Season 4 is HERE! It’s been 68 episodes since we introduced ourselves, so we figured for Episode 069 (and for all the new listeners!) we’d take a step back into our stories, our shadow feelings, and how we ended up in this space together.

Since day one, we have remained committed to creating a community centered around love, trust, and respect for the experience and opportunities that have made us families. Our children are precious, and their stories belong to them. However, we are making the space to acknowledge our journey to becoming mamas and the joy and challenges that have come with that privileged role. Wherever you are in your adoption journey, it is okay to feel what you feel, find a safe space to say what you need to say, and at the end of the day (or really any part of it), bring it all to Jesus.

Thanks for being here with us. We’re honored to kick off Season 4 and grateful for the opportunity to share with you!

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